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Tripletail Fishing Charter

Venice, Venice, United States Check out Map

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This is deep blue water fishing at its finest.

Venice, Louisiana has been called “Tuna Town, USA” for decades and one trip down here will prove it’s a title earned. As we fly through the Southwest Pass leaving the muddy waters of the Mississippi River behind and race into the big blue of the Gulf, pulses quicken and excitement grows. There are fish everywhere. We just need to find them.

One of the first places we often fish is called the Sackett Bank (commonly known as the “Midnight Lump”). One of the tallest mountains in Louisiana, this underwater salt dome rises from the ocean floor to within 200 feet of the surface. It’s 40 miles from Venice, roughly 18 miles south of the Mississippi River Delta and always full of fish.

“When the ocean current hits the side of the Lump, water pushes the plankton towards the surface,” Captain Blake Rigby says. “Baitfish follow the plankton and the big boys follow the baitfish. Giant yellowfin tuna, numerous blackfin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, everything. What’s so great about this area is that we’re fishing relatively shallow water, 200 feet, for some of the biggest yellowfin in the Gulf.”

Depending on the current, weather conditions and your bucket list, we may power out to the deep waters of the Mississippi Canyon; a legendary spot five miles wide, 75 miles long and filled with oil rigs. In essence, it represents the world’s largest man-made reef. In fact, a recent study found that ecosystems built up around artificial structure like rigs contain up to 1,000% more fish and other sea life than more natural habitats like coral reefs and estuaries. And where you find fish, you’ll find us chasing them, even at night.

For the hardcore angler looking for a more unique adventure, nothing compares to fishing under a million stars 65 miles off the coast. Not only are there fewer boats on the water but fish often feed more aggressively at night. Depending on the time of year, weather conditions and our scouting reports, we may spend part of the night throwing topwater lures under the lights of an offshore oil rig or slowly drifting over one of our secret hotspots.

Our offshore charter trips usually last eight hours; we leave the marina around 7:00 am and you’re back in the marina bar enjoying a celebratory cocktail or beer by 3:00 pm. Our overnight offshore trips run on a different schedule. We pull out around 4:00 pm, spend between 12 and 14 hours hauling fish and you’re in the marina grill enjoying a hearty breakfast by 6:00 am the following morning.

Fishing Equipment

  • Fly Fishing rods & Reel
  • Gaff
  • Live bait
  • Lures
  • Net
  • Rods
  • reels & tackle
  • Spear

Fish Species

  • Cobia
  • Drums - Gulf Kingfish
  • Drums - Red Drum
  • Grouper - Warsaw Grouper
  • Jacks - Greater Amberjack
  • Mackerel - Wahoo
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Snapper - Red Snapper
  • Tripletail
  • Tuna - Yellowfin Tuna
  • Wahoo

Water Type

Brakish, Saltwater

OFFSHORE Yellowfin Tuna Open year round with January through March being peak season One of the fastest, strongest predators in the ocean. Pound-for-pound, hands down. That’s why it’s also our favorite fish to catch offshore. Among the larger tuna species, they can easily push 200 lbs. and put up long, difficult, reel-burning runs that can force any angler to break a sweat. While they’ve been known to run deep, they usually hang out above the thermocline and travel in schools with other fish of similar size. Limit three per angler. Blackfin Tuna Open year round The smaller cousin of the yellowfin but don’t tell him that because he’s been known to make many reels scream. What he lacks in size he more than makes up for in fight; this fish swims at high speeds and travels in large schools, which means hooking into one could result in a lot of furious action over a short amount of time. They weigh anywhere from 10-20 lbs. but a huge 30-pounder isn’t that rare. No size or bag limits to worry about. Wahoo Open year round with January, February and June being peak months The Hawaiians, who know a thing or two about fish, call this one “Ono” which means “good to eat” so that should tell you something. This highly-prized catch can reach 30+ pounds, can be found just offshore and puts up one hell of a fight on light or medium tackle. It’s extremely fast and displays plenty of power (usually on its first run). They hold bait so tight in their mouths, and run so fast, that setting a solid hook is harder than you think—tight lines are a must. While they put up a solid struggle, it’s nothing like a tuna run and battles rarely last more than 15-20 minutes (tops). Currently no size or bag limit. Dolphin Open year round with May, June and early July being peak months Also known as “dorado” or “mahi-mahi” (and no, we’re not talking about the lovable mammals). This fish is almost as much fun to catch as it is to eat. They can get pretty aggressive and ticked off when hooked, which is why you’ll see them jump, flip, skip and fly across the water with acrobatic anger. That just adds to the excitement, as does their color. They display shades of bright blue, yellow and green in the water. When you finally land one in the boat, they morph into a yellowish-gold color that makes for the perfect photo. Average weight runs from 15-30 pounds but they can weigh up to 70 lbs. Currently no size or bag limit. Red Snaper Open year round in Louisiana waters; July 1st—July 15th in federal waters One of the most coveted fish we catch. Some anglers love how hard they fight while others simply love how great they taste in the kitchen. How desirable are these fish? There are over 1.2 million recipes online explaining how to cook them. While we find them in shallow waters, the bigger trophies often stay hidden deep under or around structure. When red snapper are on the menu, we race out 20+ miles to fish the thousands of drilling ships, oil rigs and other large structures that dot the Louisiana coast. A 20-pound snapper isn’t uncommon and they can push 50+ pounds. Limit two fish per angler and must be over 16”.

Fishing Method

  • Angling
  • Deepwater fishing

About the boat

Boat type : Center Console Boat

Description : FOUNTAIN 38 SPORTFISH CC OPEN BOW The workhorse of our fleet. Few boats are more dedicated to the art and science of fishing than this brawler, which is why it’s considered the pro fisherman’s fishing boat. Race proven and tournament tested, three 300-hp Mercury Verado outboards can cruise all day long at 52 mph (and even a little faster than that when we set the spurs to her). The center-console design provides plenty of fishing space for your friends or family and our marine bean bag chairs provide the perfect place to relax when racing to the fishing grounds or running back to the dock. The Fountain’s 74-mile open radar lets us travel or fish at night safely (and comes in handy when an early morning fog rolls through). The XM Satellite Radio & Weather provides essential localized weather information as well as 140 channels of music (that you select). We also have something called CHIRP Sonar on the Fountain; this advanced sonar generates highly accurate, detailed images of the fish and structure below which makes it that much easier to find what we’re looking for.

Amenities : Fishfinder, GPS, Ice Box, Life Jackets, Outriggers

Equipment : Seat

Length : 38ft

Capacity : 6 people

Motor Type : Outboard Gas


Keep or release, Tip not included

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Jimmy B

Awesome Trip

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Capt Blake is the man and his charter is top notch

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