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Spearfishing Barbados

Christ Church, Barbados, Barbados Check out Map

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Spearfishing is a fantastic sport that combines the thrill of catching fish and the extreme tranquility of freediving. It is unique in that spearfishing is one of the oldest methods of catching fish and is extremely ecological, providing virtually zero by-catch thus reducing the damage to fish populations and ensuring sustainable fishing practices.

Spearfishing in Barbados can be a great experience with clear waters and tasty tropical fish. Be aware of protected zones around the island or you could face a hefty fine and your gear confiscated! Respect the ocean, understand that mother nature is more powerful than you and most importantly; never dive alone.

Fishing Equipment

  • Spear

Fish Species

  • Wahoo

Water Type


Fish can be caught all over Barbados on the Caribbean (South & West) side and the Atlantic (East). The following locations are typical dive spots known for fish, ease of access and usually allow diving throughout most conditions.

Fishing Method

  • Deepwater fishing


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Non Alcoholic beverage
Snaks Only

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