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Sturgeon Fishing Adventure Fishing Charter

Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada Check out Map

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Epic. Legendary. Unbelievable. It’s the most incredible fish story imaginable. Wage a battle with North America’s largest freshwater predator on your own pro-angling tour through the heart of British Columbia’s dense interior. Operating in Fraser River Canyon, the very same river that four separate instances of World Record sized-fish were captured in the past two years, it’s only the biggest game on the water when you’re hunting these extremely-active 1 ton tail-walkers, quite possibly the largest river fish on this side of the planet.

Be the hero of your own saga this summer and land a monster trophy in just a single day with our pro-guides or why not book a weekend trip and catch more than one! Anyone can do it with our assistance, from children to older anglers to actual first timers on the water. Just be sure to bring a camera because this indescribable fishing experience is something that has to been seen to be believed.

Fishing Equipment

  • Live bait
  • Lures
  • Net
  • Rods
  • reels & tackle

Fish Species

  • Sturgeon

Water Type


About the boat

Boat type :

Description : Our jetboats will quickly take us to location each morning where we’ll set up camp at one of several exclusive prime hotspots where giant Sturgeon lay and feed along the shoreline. Fishing directly from the boat, we have the room to stretch and relax when necessary, move around and most importantly, the reliable footing and support you need when landing a monster. The boats are very roomy with four passengers each including storage space and have covered tops to protect you from the sun or rain.

Amenities : Life Jackets

Capacity : 4 people

Motor Type : Outboard Gas


Meal Policy

Fishing Policy
Catch and Release Only
Kids Welcome

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