Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How and when do I pay for my trip?

A: A 12 to 20% deposit per booking for each trip is due to Ugonnafish Inc immediately to secure the reservation. The 80% Balance of payment for each of the trip you booked is then due on the day of the trip paid directly to the vendor. However, if the local vendor does not accept your booking, the amount will be credited to the original card it was taken from.

Q: What am I paying today?

A: 12 to 20% of the trip value will be authorised on your card, but not charged for a period of 48h, after which you will received confirmation that your trip is definitely booked and the 20% deposit will be then debited from your card, similar to booking an airline ticket.

Q: How much is the deposit

A: 12 to 20% of each trip with each vendor you book.

Q:When do I have to pay the balance and to whom?

A: The balance to be paid on the day of the trip, directly to the vendor.

Q: Why should I book through uGonnaFish instead of booking direct with a lodge?


  1. Here at, as a true assisted booking platform, we have no interest in promoting one vendor versus the other and this allow us to truly represent you as a client.

  2. Our Number One job is make sure that your trip expectation matches the level of service our vendors offers. Whatever is the focus of your trip; from catching a particular fish, learning fly-fishing, or building memories with loved ones, we guarantee we will call 100% of the time the vendor you booked to make sure that he/she is in capacity to offers you the experience you’re after.
  3. If we feel there might be a mismatch, we will refund your deposit or more likely recommend you to another vendor.
  4. Moreover, when you book through ugonnafish, you never pay a cents more than than if you were to book directly with the fishing charter, captains, guides, lodge or outfitters, no extra booking fees.

Just like you, we like surprises, but not bad surprises.

Q: Is my payment secure?

A: Yes, our online payment system is secure! Your connection to our site is encrypted and secure through SSL encryption. Your payment details are not kept or known to ugonnafish, Inc, and every transactions is encrypted  to protect you against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

UGonnaFish uses Stripe, an internationally recognized and secure payment systems to process your credit card transactions.

Q: What is the difference between Authorised transaction and Charged transaction

A: When making a reservation, our payment gateway (Stripe) will only authorise but not charged the transaction for a period of 48h, after 48h your credit card will be charged of the initial 20% deposit for each trip.

We do not charge the deposit right away, as we call within 48hours the vendor to confirm your expectation are matched with his/her services.

Q: Do I pay a booking fee?

A: No! Our prices are 100% booking fee free - meaning the price you see is the price you pay!

Q: What happen if the trip is cancelled by the vendor

A: You get full refund of your initial 20% deposit, unless the client is the cause of the cancelation (last minute change in the number of people for example)

Q: Do I get a refund If I don’t catch anything?

A: In most case, you wouldn’t, however some guides offer no catch - no pay guarantees, specified on the vendor page. So it in those case, the captain will either offer you another trip, or refund your trip. That policy is set by the vendors and not

Q: Do I get a refund If I don’t catch the one fish I’m after?

A: In 99.9% of the case, you’re not eligible for a refund. However in certain cases we will try to intervene in your behalf with the guide  to understand what happened and if the captain is somewhat responsible.

Q: What kind of pre-trip information do I receive after I booked a trip

A: The type of gear and clothing you should bring, where to meet the vendor on the day of the trip.

Q: Do you recommend trip insurance for all trips?

A: We strongly recommend it, as a booking with ugonnafish doesn’t cover you.See here for a list of insurance we recommend.

Q: Can I make change to my booking after I book?

A: Yes, and we can help! If you need to make changes such as removing or adding someone to your booking, updating your contact details or changing the date or time of your trip, contact us by chat, email or phone.Some vendors cannot accept cancellations or changes to your booking once it has been confirmed. If this is the case, any non-standard or cancellation policies are shown on the activity page of our website.